Gentlemen’s Review – Psycho Bunny – Necktie

IMG_2484If you have been following my blog for any considerable length of time, you probably recognize that I have an unhealthy love affair with neckties. I readily confess, the quantity of neckties in my collection is dangerously bordering on insanity. Nevertheless, one might observe that I collect neckties just as a stamp collector procures stamps, or a sports card collector amasses his assortment of trading cards. At least that is how I rationalize the insanity with myself. With consideration towards material, pattern, and style; I am always on the hunt for that one necktie that conveys both sophistication, character, and charm. That being said, I was presented the opportunity to scrutinize a most unusual necktie under the Psycho Bunny brand. Now, you may ask: What in the world is a Psycho Bunny? Well, I am happy that you asked. Let’s jump into some background.

IMG_2482Founded in 2005 by Robert Godley and Robert Goldman, Psycho Bunny (which also offers a variety of products from sport shirts to socks) first started with the ubiquitous necktie. Founders Godley and Goldman sought to transform the necktie game by introducing a ballsy, brash handmade necktie punctuated with its signature long-eared skull & crossbones bunny rabbit. Neckties are manufactured right here in the United States employing 100% English silk. Psycho Bunny neckties first danced across my radar a number years back, but I dragged my feet and never purchased one. Fast-forward a few years later and now I have the good fortune to review a sample right here on my blog.

Now, before we jump into the observations, let’s cover a few basics that arrive with a standard Psycho Bunny necktie, or at least the one that was shipped to me. I am assuming the other neckties in stock will hold to the same standards. Approximately 58 inches in length, the necktie measured roughly 2.5 inches in width, which is on par with contemporary standards, but may be a little slim for gentlemen that fancy Windsor or half-Windsor knots. The standard tie keeper, bar tack, and slip stitch are all in place. Although not flimsy, the necktie is definitely on the lighter side which may or may not work for you if your preference is heavier neckties. Definitely designed for a Four-in-Hand knot, it dimples nicely and returns back to its original shape when untied. And lastly, all neckties retail for $100.00 each. That may price some gentlemen out of the market, but if you are a lover of neckties, the retail price may not be a deciding factor.

IMG_2472Gentlemanly Observations


  • Composed of 100% silk, the material is very welcoming to the touch, slightly stiff, but still easy on the fingertips.
  • The silk appears to be very durable, as it returned almost to wrinkle-free form after being untied.
  • Solid construction with all the basics (see above) in place. For the most part, the printed pattern is uniform with the exception of the edges, but I’m not a nit pick sort of gentleman, so that is easily overlooked.
  • If you are a gentleman with a strong proclivity towards conversational accoutrements, Psycho Bunny most definitely offers an extensive stock of its signature skull & crossbones bunny neckties, and surprisingly they are not overwhelmingly clownish. If rakish charm is what you are aiming for, this is the necktie for you.


  • If you are a gentleman that favors more conservative attire, the bunny and crossbones may be a little off-putting.
  • And speaking of conservative, your tastes may indeed welcome a style that is brazenly unapologetic, but your work environment still requires a moderate dress code, it would probably be best to assign this mode of necktie for casual Fridays. Or at least when the boss isn’t around and there aren’t any snitches in the office.
  • Relatively light and slim, it may appear slightly foreign on a larger gentleman.
Gentlemen’s Standard Approved
Disclosure: TGS was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.
Stay stylish gentlemen!


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