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frederickdouglas“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

-Frederick Douglass

As a parent, it is absolutely paramount that you ensure your child’s maturation is nurtured and cultivated for maximal, positive growth. To be certain, there are a myriad of unfortunate realities that work tirelessly to undermine and hinder your child’s development. Harsh realities such as poverty, crime, low self-esteem, bullying, and poor academic performance can lead to self-destructive behavior that regretfully transitions into adulthood. Moreover, if that adult decides to have children, there is a high risk that self-destructive behavior will be consciously or subconsciously transferred to the subsequent generation. Truth: Some of the biggest bullies, critics, and abusers live right in the household. And that is a reality that we cannot tacitly accept. We have to do better. We must become increasingly more active by protecting and educating our youth, ensuring that they are intelligently prepared for the life that awaits them. We have to encourage. We have to impart meaningful wisdom. We have to enlighten them. We must unconditionally love them. We must fortify the integrity of their spirit and reinforce the foundation of their character. They deserve our parenting best – let’s get to work.

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  1. Congratulations brotha on the little one. I’m happy for You. I’ll send you a link when I find it. My good friend who has a 2 yr old daughter just purchased a few black barber type dolls for his little one. The dolls are made by a sista and have the natural hair in different styles. I also purchased my three yr old niece a few. Fyi they are pricey ie seventy five bucks for different one’s. Just an fyi I always hear there aren’t many black dolls for little sistas on the market. She’ll have amazing parents I know self esteem will be the least of the worries. I send a link when I find the info. Happy New Year I hope all is well. I gotta run and catch up on your blog. Just passing on some info.

    God Bless




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