Gentlemen’s Review – Hush Puppies – The Bennet

It has been quite a long time since I owned a pair of Hush Puppies footwear. Decades ago, looking for an appropriate shoe for the office, I purchased a pair at a local DSW. A dark brown cap toe blucher, it immediately became my preferred business casual shoe for work and social settings. Extremely comfortable, I thoroughly ran those poor shoes into the ground. They did, however, provide many years of incredible service until we had to go our separate ways. I desperately searched for another pair that was similar in style, but my attempts were unsuccessful. Thereafter, admittedly, the Hush Puppies brand quietly dropped from my radar over the years. And then, approximately a month ago, I was offered the opportunity to reunite with the brand and review one of their newest arrivals – the Bennet.

Like other contemporary shoe brands nowadays, Hush Puppies are offering a selection of dress/sneaker hybrids for the consumer. The Bennet combines dressier aesthetics of a standard dress shoe (particularly the upper) with the sole of an athletic sneaker. The Bennet is touted as comfortable footwear that offers stretch, flexibility, and all day wear. Generally I would photograph the shoe myself and capture as much detail as possible for the reader. However, over the past month or so, I am in the middle of a health event that has rendered me down to essentially one eye. I am learning to adjust, but it is challenging. Nevertheless, please check out my findings below and decide if the Bennet is a shoe that can be incorporated into your lifestyle.


  • Bounce™ technology footbed provides energy rebound with every step and retains its cushioning for all-day comfort. With this technology, every shoe retains 97% of its footbed cushioning after 250,000 steps
  • Soft, five-pod outsole provides superior underfoot support and cushioning
  • Made with fewer irritating seams
  • Flexible outer cage locks in its five-pod outsole for all-day stability



  • While not designed for the corporate boardroom, the Bennet Wingtip is perfectly suited for casual terrain in the office. Office life can be quite sedentary, so the occasional walk around the building can be beneficial to a gentleman’s health. The Bennet eliminates the need to switch from traditional dress shoes to sneakers – thus removing the requirement of buying two separate pairs of footwear.
  • The Bennet is lightweight and flexible. The footbed is very springy, soft and pliable. However, there is a raised piece of material near the heal – oval in shape – that while not painful, it is a little distracting when walking.
  • Retailing at $139.95, the Bennet is a very affordable option for a gentleman that needs a business casual shoe, but also wants to stay relatively active in office with intermittent walks.
  • The Bennet presents a sturdy feel, and historically speaking, the Hush Puppies brand generally constructs shoes that display good longevity.


  • As previously mentioned above, this shoe is not designed for wear in the corporate environment, as its presentation is quite casual in appearance. The fashion forward aesthetic may be unappealing for some gentlemen.
  • Specifications of the Bennet indicate it is crafted with full grain leather, however, the look and feel leans more toward genuine leather. The feel is lower than what a gentleman is accustomed to with high-end footwear makers. The Bennet’s flexibility may render it vulnerable to increased creasing, as I was able to discern a few wrinkles after initial usage.

The Bennet is designed for the health conscious gentleman that works in a business casual environment and likes to walk around the office. The Bennet is also suitable for casual, social settings. It offers comfort with a fashion forward design, and is heartily constructed with a hard, foamy sole for continuous wear. The sole is definitely reminiscent of a sneaker. The Bennet has a stretchy sheath of material that is stitched inside the upper that is unique, but definitely pushes the Bennet into casual territory. The shoe laces are really thick so lacing is not an issue. The Bennet offers increased flexibility, so it may be susceptible to considerable creasing. Retailing at $139.95, the Bennet is offered in three styles: plain toe slip-on, plain toe, and wingtip. Please visit HUSH PUPPIES for more information.

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