Community Outreach

IMG_2260Community service has been a passion of mine for some years now. Shortly after creating this blog, I began to become more and more active in my community. I wanted my blog to be involved in my community endeavors. However, I struggled with fusing my community service with my writing exploits. As my business network began to expand, and my visibility with premier brands began to grow, I constantly brainstormed concepts that would utilize my position as a style & culture blogger to benefit the community. And then I was struck with an idea that resonated intimately with my own personal narrative.

Growing up in my hometown of Detroit, my family leaned heavily on public assistance to maintain a normal way of life. Now, normal meant that we didn’t always have premium brand products, but we made it work.Nevertheless, my self-esteem and confidence were adversely affected by the perceived lack of resources that my family possessed. One becomes conditioned to the realities of one’s life, but a gentleman can still recognize when he doesn’t have what his other peers possess. And over time, I just didn’t feel as confident in my skin as a maturing young man. Understanding this concept very well in my adult years, I now turn my attention to those individuals that either don’t have access or have difficulty procuring the necessary items that address personal health and hygiene.

To be clear, there is a definite correlation between and health & hygiene and self-esteem. When one lacks the proper personal care essentials, a gentleman’s confidence and self-image can suffer. And as men, we aren’t necessarily conditioned to affording a pressing amount of attention to grooming. However, when a gentleman is deprived of basic standards for grooming, not only does his confidence suffer, but it may also inhibit his ability to perform in school or at work, prevent him from participating in social activities, or even stop him from pursuing or gaining employment.

There is a definite need for health & hygiene essentials for the underserved and at-risk population. There are many programs that address the need for food, healthcare, and even housing. However, there is glaring void regarding the provision of basics such as soap, deodorant, tooth paste & toothbrushes, and skincare products. Using my blog to raise awareness and work with various vendors to provide these essentials to the underserved will now be an integral part of The Gentlemen’s Standard. Over the years, my writing ability has brought me many blessings, and now it is time to give back to my community. This year, I am partnering with some non-profit organizations to provide holiday grooming bags to those persons in need. I call it the Groomed for Greatness campaign.

With the help of family, co-workers, and public relations firms; I’ve acquired enough goods to bless some gentlemen this holiday with some insanely good product. It is my hope that these gifts convey a message that communicates a love and belief that every gentleman should feel and look his absolute best. Stay tuned for more updates as this initiative grows and expands going forward.