The Gentlemen’s Standard is ambitiously redefining how gentlemen of color approach life, culture, and style. Founded in 2008, this site arose from a dissatisfaction with how men of color are sometimes portrayed in various media outlets. Moreover, this site was created due to a dissatisfaction with how some gentlemen of color portrayed themselves.

Thus, The Gentlemen’s Standard was born. I wanted to offer a different perspective – a sophisticated one. I wanted to create a website where men could find a sophisticated sanctuary, a respectable respite from the negativity that has pervaded our society. Here, a man can learn what to wear on an interview, glean knowledge from historical greats, and learn in general what constitutes a modern gentleman.

I have worked in the health care industry for nearly 20 years; advancing my career from lab assistant to supervisor in supply chain management. I have written online content for Uptown Magazine, Details Magazine, and Detroit Fashion Pages. I have volunteered in the community with organizations such as Covenant House Detroit, Rescue My Son, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. I have been married 13 years with a daughter and son. I hope you enjoy the content written here and you are able to find my musings both educational and entertaining.

Welcome to The Gentlemen’s Standard.

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  1. I found your blog from a retweet from someone I follow. I certainly glad I did, I will be checking back frequently. Might I also suggest a possible blog post? Straight razor shave… home. I do it often, not daily but at least once a week. I don’t have a heavy beard but, I will do it to start my week, sometime twice if there is a date night with the Mrs. Planned. Well thank you I enjoy reading your thoughts.


    • Well, I am glad that you were able to check it out. I have a straight razor. I was wearing a pretty think beard back in the winter months, but I have since trimmed it down. So, I will probably give the straight shave a try going forward in the spring/summer.


  2. This is an awesome website. As we are complex individuals, this blog covers the interests of men in style and class.
    Not only do I love the style tips, but I also love the “Brotherly Love” posts. Please keep up the good work.


  3. Glen,
    I am not a gentleman. But, I am black woman, also a native Detroiter, and I am appreciative of your blog and your “standard”. It is because my other half is a black man that upholding a “standard” is relevant to me. Not to say he does not, but to say that it requires maintenance, and he embraced your message before I did.

    I take issue with self-loathing as well. Maybe not for the same reasons, and maybe not as presumptuous regarding the where’s and why’s another person may be psychologically afflicted, but an issue nonetheless. Seeing someone use positive energy, with the added accessory of charismatic articulation…well, that suits me just fine, Mr. Palmer.

    My wine glass is formidably tipped toward you.

    Thank you.


  4. Mr. Palmer, outstanding blog. I followed you here from a guest post at The Art of Manliness. I like your writing enough to add it to my blogroll.


  5. Great writing – I also landed here from AOM.

    I would like to dress sharper. I’m often inspired by black friends, but worry that what looks classy for them will look dopey on me.

    Any ideas on what clothes work differently for black vs. white guys?


  6. Found this blog from a recommendation from WordPress… so glad I checked it out. Great site, Mr. Palmer! I will definitely be checking this often. My father has a similar blog,, I think you might enjoy it.

    Keep it up, and good luck on the book!


  7. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your website, it speaks beyond all boundaries how being a gentleman is being rooted for love of your fellow person. Unfortunately, this is an art lost in the Dale Carnegie society of quick fixes and manipulation. I pray for the day when civility does not have to be searched for.


    • Hi William – Apologies, I am so behind on responses. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. Being a gentleman really does come down to having love and respect for your fellow man. Sometimes I look around and I see gentlemanly behavior less and less.


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