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  1. Glen, have you ever tried Nel’s Smoother Skin? The difference is that it is a cream, and it tends to moisturizer and heal the skin while minimizing the appearance of razor bumps and rash.

  2. Hi have just read this article on the Schick razor with despair. I am a man of colour and been using single blade safety razors for round a year. I previously used such multi blade razors and had years of spots caused by in growing hairs as a result of these blades cutting the hairs on the face so close that hairs are trapped under this skin surface. They then grow into your flesh causing spots and painful in growing hairs. Also these blades are too expensive don’t last long, and are not substitute for the superior single bladed safety razors. Safety razor blades cost pennies, are better for your skin and are readily available for peanuts on Amazon. You can can 100 blades for 20 American dollars! Bet you can’t say the same about the Schick. Buy the lotions guys, skip the razor.. Mr A Phillips, England…

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