Gent Hints

Without a doubt, every gentleman is going to require a modicum of good, reliable advice from time to time. Granted, here at The Gentlemen’s Standard, we cannot claim to have all the answers, but we feel this section is a good starting point. Hopefully, over the lifespan of this site, we will try to address as many burning issues as we can. And if we have not hit all the points, please feel free to send some hints of your own to, we could all stand to learn collaboratively from one another.


Neckties II

6 responses

  1. Great information Glenn. I have read your blog for quite awhile. I live in Austin, Texas and everytime I see your site it makes me feel cool and daper.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Mr. Palmer, I feel privileged to have visited your website. This is an amazing collection of articles and tips for the urban gentleman. I particularly like the section entitled, ‘The Standard”, for it is not only necessary to dress the part, but act the part as well.

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