It’s Official…I’m Finally a Daddy!

IMG_1415Well, more than a few days have elapsed since I last posted an entry, and I have a very good explanation to explain my absence. The moment that I had been patiently waiting for arrived – Stephanie and I are officially parents! My little girl arrived in the midst of the polar vortex very healthy and strong. Physically and emotionally, the entire birthing experience was intense; probably the most intense event I have ever been party to. Nevertheless, I could not have prayed for anything more perfect, as my wife and I were truly a team. And so, the last few days have been a blur. The concept of time has all but disappeared. My days are now measured by if I am awake or asleep. So as I regain my balance going forward, I will be sure to write about my experience as a first time father. It was truly amazing. Talk with you later.

AT&T 28 Days – 2014 Press Release – Making History Happen

28days attImagine the difference you could make in the community if you committed 28 days to service. Now imagine that you had the opportunity to team with others to support healthy living, the arts, or help kids learn more about technology with proven mentors like Olympic Gold Medalist Sanya Richards-Ross, hip-hop icon MC Lyte, and digital media leader Wayne Sutton. AT&T 28 Days is giving you the chance to do that and more this Black History Month with two opportunities to make history happen. Go to for a chance to join one of three teams on a month-long community service challenge, or learn how you can participate in weekly fan challenges.

There are two ways you can give back in 28 days:

1.) Join A Team For A Chance To Win $5,000

Starting January 9, 2014, people nationwide can enter individually at for a chance to join one of three teams dedicating the month of February to service in the communities. The selected teams of four will be paired with an AT&T 28 Days celebrity mentor and given weekly challenges, like helping a non-profit organization boost their Twitter followers by developing a communications plan. Teams will earn points by completing their weekly challenges and building awareness through social media. The winning team will receive a grand prize of $20,000 ($5,000 per team member).

2.) Enter Fan Challenges For Cool Prizes

Beginning in February, people can enter fan challenges for a chance to win cool prizes.  Fan Challenges will be announced weekly at

As part of the team challenges each team will collaborate with three non-profit organizations selected as Friends of AT&T 28 Days.  Some of the weekly team challenges will help these organizations continue to make a difference in the community.   Learn more about the Friends of AT&T 28 Days below, and then check out how each team will help make history happen at


WriteGirl is an organization that gives teenage girls access to creative writing and mentoring programs. MC Lyte’s team will help increase awareness of WriteGirl, and find mentors for a day long workshop in February.

Oakland Center for Digital Arts & Literacy (OCDAL)

The Oakland Center for Digital Arts & Literacy (OCDAL) works to increase digital literacy among Oakland’s inner city and disadvantaged youth. Wayne Sutton’s team will help OCDAL’s Inspire Program reach grade school and high school students throughout the Oakland, California area.

National Urban League of Young Professionals (NULYP) Austin Chapter

The National Urban League of Young Professionals (NULYP) Austin Chapter, works with local youth to empower their communities and change lives, through the Urban League Movement. Sanya Richards-Ross’ team will help the NUYLP of Austin increase their social media presence and gain publicity around their community programs.

For more information on AT&T 28 Days, go to

Happy New Year


happy-new-year-graphicsWell, the new year is officially here, and I am definitely excited about what 2014 will bring. First, the impending birth of my daughter – little Ms. Palmer. How I feel right now; I cannot formulate the thoughts. Second, totally committing and diving into penning my first book. Of all the entries that I regularly post here, my Standard entries are by far the most popular. Therefore, I am going to work on a compilation of both old and new posts. And third, transforming this site into a viable business that serves my community. I cannot launch into deep details, as I am still in the developing stages. I am seriously pumped at the thought. Yes, it is 2014, and I cannot believe I have writing this blog for nearly six years now. I sincerely want to thank everyone that has read, followed, commented, or shared a post here via social media. You are truly appreciated. And so, I wish everyone a happy and blessed new year. May it be safe, prosperous, and fulfilling.

It’s Official…I’m Going To Be a Daddy!

IMG_1493Well, my wife has officially granted me the green light to announce: We are going to be first time parents. Now, if you have been following my blogging exploits, you know the subject of fatherhood has been touched upon on more than a few occasions. From my volunteering efforts in kid’s ministry at my church to my mentoring adventures in the community; I have been primed and ready for this moment. And now it has arrived. Late January or early February 2014, I am going to become a proud father of a baby girl. I can’t even fathom the thought right now. I am extremely excited about becoming a dad. I just wanted to share the exciting news. I plan to write a top ten list of things I can’t wait to do with my daughter. Wow, how crazy does that sound? My daughter…music to my ears.


VacationIt has been a long time since I afforded myself a small vacation from blogging. Well, I think it is time to treat myself to some time away from the laptop. Believe it or not, while it may not be your traditional 9 to 5, but one can actually burn out from blogging. Yes, seriously. And so, I am going to step away from my blogging duties for a week or so. I will see you good people in a few days. Peace.

Fashion Find – Ted Baker Plaid Cotton/Silk Necktie

Ted Baker Cotton PlaidPlease believe me when I tell you this: The Ted Baker necktie that you see above will not last too much longer. Seriously. We are speaking of a Ted Baker offering, woven in a beautiful blend of cotton and silk, discounted down to an absurdly low $19.00. Yes, you read that correctly – a ridiculous $19.00. Originally retailing for $79.50; this is quite a bargain. I own more than a few Ted Baker neckties, particular cotton & silk selections, and I can certainly attest to the quality. Bonus: Plaid is killing it this season. Bonus II: Green is killing it this season. A gentleman cannot lose with this one.

Grab this beauty before it is gone!


And the stock has been depleted. You know I ordered mine. Hope you were as successful. Pictures to come.

Global Projects – Jordan Clemons – Mission Campaign (Update)

Hello everyone, today I wanted to give a brief update on the status of Ms. Jordan Clemons. Well, she was able to meet her financial goal and raise the money needed to fund her mission to Uganda. She departed for Uganda yesterday, and I hope you all can join me in sending out some blessings her way for a safe, productive , and uplifting mission. Thank you so much to anyone that contributed to her mission. You are truly appreciated!

Fashion Find – Florsheim by Duckie Brown Suede Loafer


Duckie Brown LoaferOne of the best times to score a serious deal is in the off-season. Meaning, if winter is approaching, a gentleman should steady his eye towards targeted sales for summer merchandise. You might be rewarded with a few days of warmth, but most likely your sartorial steal won’t get any play until a few months down the road. Nevertheless, since men’s style changes ever so slowly, last season’s purchase will still be fresh and new by the time you get to wear it. Warning – this does not apply if one chooses to dive into trendy waters, as trendy fashion is fleeting fashion. Stick with the classics and you will be fine. So, that brings us to a bargain I saw on the Internet this past weekend. Featured on the newly minted Saks Off Fifth website, these loafers from Florsheim by Duckie Brown are absolutely killer. Retailing originally at $230.00, these suede loafers are now a cool $111.99. Available in grey, navy, red, and turquoise; these killer kicks are perfect for spring and summer style. If this tickles your fancy, check out the link below, plenty of sizes are available right now. Happy shopping gents!

Global Projects – Jordan Clemons – Mission Campaign

Hello everyone, today we are going to take a brief break from the usual sartorial and inspirational articles. Instead, I would like to call attention to a beautiful young lady that attends my church. Jordan Clemons has a vision and a mission. And simply, it is to spread the word of the gospel throughout the world. For her first international mission trip, the 16-year-old Clemons hopes to travel to Uganda to spread the good word. Seriously, at the age of 16, how many of us were willing to travel abroad to a foreign country, venturing into the unknown, for the sole purpose of making a difference in someone’s life? That’s serious business people. And commendable. So today, let’s help Ms. Clemons attain her monetary goal of $3800.00 by October 20th, 2013. Please donate what you can afford, every bit helps. Share on your Facebook wall. Tweet it out to your peeps. And hopefully, we can make it happen. I will be sure to provide updates. So, what do you need to do?

Update: The deadline has been extended to October 20th

  1. Click the following link to the right:
  2. Click the secure PayPal button towards the middle of the page under One Time Donation
  3. Fill out all pertinent donation information
  4. After completion, click the Review Donation & Continue button
  5. Click Add Special Instructions To Seller, and then type JORDAN CLEMONS -2013 Uganda in the box
  6. Boom, you’re done

Again, thank you to everyone that is able to assist with this goal. You are truly appreciated.

The Tie Bar – Dwyane Wade – The Gentleman Collection

d wade tie barOkay, despite my personal feelings for the Miami Heat, the impending collaboration between Dwyane Wade and The Tie Bar is actually pretty cool. Launching this November, Wade will assist in designing the requisite cadre of neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, tie bars, etc. I have always been a fan of The Tie Bar, as the price versus quality dynamic has always been favorable for any well-dressed gentleman who is budget conscious. Being the fashion-forward gentleman Wade is, it will be quite interesting to see what the eventual line looks like. I sincerely hope there are some moderately conservative selections offered for us gents that don’t follow the Russell Westbrook code of sartorial dress. Let us hope. For more information, check out the release over at GQ and sign up for exclusive updates directly over at The Tie Bar. Stay tuned.


The Tie Bar:

4 Influential Black Bloggers You Should Know – One Is Me!

InfluencersApologies. Some people may be unaware, but aside from my writing and blogging escapades, I actually maintain regular 9 to 5 employment. On occasion, time quietly evades me. And so, apologies. I have not been able to share some fantastic news with the audience. That news: I have been named as one of four influential black bloggers that the public should know, as deemed by AT&T The Bridge. Truly, I am humbled. This blog occupies a fairly miniscule portion of the Internet universe, so to be recognized as an influential blogger of color is awesome. Yes, awesome. And in other awesome news, I have been selected to be a contributor to the Details’ network of fashion writers across that same Internet universe. Perhaps you may have noticed my Details badge at the bottom of the page. August was a great month. Up next…presenting a workshop at Covenant House Detroit that will focus on the importance of dressing well for job interviews. I am excited and I will be sure to share with the audience after the presentation ends. I promise.

Check the AT&T The Bridge article here.

Cheap Thrills – Boldly Accessorize Your Look…At A Low Cost

The Tie Bar Pocket Square PlaidThe Tie Bar

Gentlemen – rejoice! Currently, we are enthusiastically enjoying a sartorial renaissance of sorts. Pleasantly inundated with a bevy of stylish options, a gentleman can attire himself in a handsome array of clothing, and he doesn’t have to break the bank in doing so. Sure, dressing great can become expensive if a gentleman allows it. And true, there are some items a gentleman cannot maneuver around without dropping some heavy coin. Nevertheless, there exists pathway to smart elegance that doesn’t include high price-tags. Deft utilization of sharp accessories can make an outfit look right-on-the-money without spending a tremendous amount of it. Here, you will find a collection upstart companies that offer insanely inexpensive, superbly stylish accouterments that can definitely elevate a gentleman’s fashion quotient without stressing your pocketbook. Continue reading

Profile – Tracy Xavier – Modern Renaissance Man

Leather Brooch

Sure, the economy is still on a relatively slow mend, but the atmosphere is certainly inviting for bright, driven entrepreneurs to start a business and create a market for themselves. And one such market that is thriving is within the realm of fashion. More and more people are tapping into their creative genius, eliminating the middle man, and taking their product directly to the consumer. Aided by the expansive world of the Internet, small business owners are taking advantage of the renewed interest in men’s fashion. And they are offering incredibly stylish, seriously affordable merchandise for the discerning gentleman that yearns for sartorial refinement, but may not want to drop $200.00 on a pocket square or $300.00 on a tie bar. Recently, I have had the pleasure of speaking with one such small business, Modern Renaissance Man, about a wide array of gentlemanly accessories currently available on their Etsy website. Created by Tracy and Mike Xavier, accessories from Modern Renaissance Man offer an interesting spin on classic accoutrements. Here is how our conversation went.

Continue reading

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