Stephanie L. Palmer

Hi, I am Stephanie Palmer and I am very happy to be a wife, sister, daughter, friend and teacher. As you know, I am married to a wonderful man and the genius behind this amazing blog, Glen, who I met while in undergrad. We were friends for 2 years before he finally asked me out. This past October gave us 14 years together in total. I am an extrovert who was voted least likely to be an engineer during undergrad. I worked as an Electrical Engineer and while the technical side of me was happy, my social side was dying. So…I went and studied for my Real Estate license. What started out as a part time job grew and it soon became too much to juggle both professions, so I quit. I started to work in pharmaceuticals but was part of an unfortunate nationwide layoff. While praying for a job God told me I knew what I was supposed to do. Every time I prayed, I got the same answer. Finally I listened and went to school for my masters in Special Education.  My first love is teaching and I am truly excited to work with children every day. There is no greater joy than seeing a child learn, especially when they have struggled for so long.  This is the job I was born to do. In addition to teaching, I also run my own math tutoring business, Results Squared Tutoring.

Outside of teaching, tutoring and volunteering I love to read, shop, travel and spend time with my family. I have traveled to Mexico, South Africa, Belize and the Dominican Republic. These trips inspired me to learn Spanish which I am still studying to this day. I have plans to take an Alaskan cruise, visit Argentina, Tahiti & Fiji, Hawaii, Hong Kong, China, Europe, take a Mediterranean cruise-for starters. LOL! I run and do Bikram yoga, all because of my sister, and Glen and I completed our first 5K together in June!  I also play tennis and enjoy cycling. I enjoy watching basketball, tennis, Law and Order and anything involving nature or mysteries on television.  I have an older brother and younger sister and I speak to my mother at least 4 times a day. I also enjoy fishing with my father and while I enjoy food of all types, but seafood is my favorite.

I am honored to be a contributor on this blog and hope that you enjoy.

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